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Recipe Scraper

Recipe Scraper is our prorpietary technology for collecting recipe data from websites.
Try it out with your favorite recipes.

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Enter a recipe URL to see our elegant recipe formatting.

Enter a fully-qulified web address that begins with "https://".

How it works

1. Copy a URL

Copy the fully-qualified URL from an online recipe you wish to see. A fully-qualified URL will start with "https://".

2. Paste the URL

Paste the copied recipe URL into the Recipe URL field above.

3. View Results

Click "View results" to see Meal Planner App’s elegant recipe formatting.

Why a Recipe Scraper?

Have you ever browsed a recipe on the web and felt frustrated with how difficult it was to actually read the recipe? Us too! When we set out to make meal planning simpler and easier, viewing recipes online was a problem we knew we needed to address. That’s why we created our Recipe Scraper. To get just a little technical, our scraper crawls the website you enter very much like a search engine would. It looks for specific information that has been standardized by search engines, and shows only the meaningful parts that relate to the recipe. That’s how we’re able to remove the lengthy blog articles and annoying ads, and show you the parts you actually want to see — the recipe! If you’re subscribed to Meal Planner App, you’ll be able to save these formatted recipes to your Meal Index and schedule them to your Planner. Our Recipe Scraper is just one of the tools in our toolset to make meal planning simpler and easier. Try our online meal planner for FREE to see what else Meal Planner App can do for you!

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