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Meal Planner App on a computer

Recipe organization

Recipe scraper

Use our proprietary technology for saving recipes from the Internet. Simply enter a URL for the recipe you want to save, and our Recipe Scraper will find the ingredients and instructions from the website. No more scrolling through ads and lenghthy blog articles just to see the recipe. Give it a try.

Custom tags

You’re in total control of how best to organize and categorize your meals and recipes. Our tagging system is flexible and adapts to your organization style. Whether you tag by theme (Taco Tuesday) or something else (Kid Friendly), you’ll be able to quickly find meals for your plan.

Meal ratings

Every family has their go-to meals that are crowd pleasers. Always know which meals are hits and which are misses. Our rating system gives you a simple way to keep track of how popular a meal is for your family.

Meal index

Our powerful database makes it quick and easy to find just the right meal for your plan. Your meals can be searched, sorted, and filtered to put what you need at your fingertips. Sort by rating, cook time, alphabetical order, or see your most recent meals first.

Meal planning

Drag-and-drop calendar

Create your meal plan on a computer or tablet to reveal our drag-and-drop calendar. See your complete meals list on a scrollable sidebar, and simply drag them to the date you wish to plan them. There couldn’t be an easier way to meal plan!

Daily, weekly, and monthly planner

We know that everyone has different styles when it comes to meal planning. Our planner is flexible to accomodate your needs whether you prefer to plan daily, weekly, or monthly. We have built-in calendar views for each planning style.

Copy meal plan

Put your meal plan on auto-pilot. Copy your current weekly or monthly meal plan to next week or month, then adjust it as needed. Copying your meal plan takes a the thoughtwork and needless energy out of starting a new meal plan.

Clear meal plan

There’s a reason pencils have erasers. Sometimes we get off track and need to hit the reset button. Now you can erase your entire monthly or weekly meal plan, so that you can start over.

Grocery shopping

Shopping list

When you meal plan with our online meal planner, you’re also creating a shopping list. We collect all of the ingredients you'll need for your week, and display them in a handy checklist. No need to sort through all of your meals to make your own shopping list. Let us do that for you!

Goes with you anywhere

Because our online meal planner is web-first software, you can take your shopping list with you to the grocery store with your phone, or reference it on your computer while you shop online. Our online meal planner is there for you, wherever you are.


Easy meal reader

Our online meal planner formats recipes in a way that's easy to digest (pun intended). Whether you add recipes with our Recipe Scraper or input your own ingredients and instructions, we format them with readability in mind. We also provide handy checkboxes for you to mark off steps you’ve already completed.

Links to recipes

Our meal planner provides links to every recipe website you add. If you prefer to see the website as-is, or if you add a link to a video or Pinterest recipe, you’re always able to find it when it’s time to cook. The only thing our online meal planner doesn’t do for you is chop onions — sorry.


Any device

Building web-first software means that our online meal planner can be used on any device that has a web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc). That means you can meal plan with the screen space of a computer, grocery shop with our shopping list on your smartphone, and cook in the kitchen reading recipes on a tablet.

All in sync

Never worry about your devices getting out of sync. As long as you have internet connection, your meals, recipes, and plans will be in sync across all of your devices. If you ever worry about your phone being out of sync with your computer, just wave bye bye bye to those worries — couldn’t help it.

No software updates

Because our software is not downloaded to a device, you never need to worry about updating software to get new features or bug fixes. We take care of all of that for you, and the most you’ll ever need to do is refresh your browser.

Faster feature development

Our team is small but mighty, and staying web-first (at least for now) means that we can focus our energy on making our web software the best it can be. We would rather focus on becoming experts in meal planning, not syncronizing multi-platform deployments.

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