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The meal planner that gives you super powers.

Meal Planner App is the online meal planner with tools and resources to make meal planning easier and faster. Spend less of your precious time planning your menu, and spend more time on what really matters.

How it works

All in one place

Save recipes from anywhere on the web straight to your planner. We cut out all the ads and fluff and give you the ingredients and instructions. It’s as easy as copying and pasting a URL.

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Categorize meals

Tag your meals any way you’d like, then search and filter by tags. You get to categorize any way that makes sense to you. Have dietary needs? Picky eaters in the family? Start tagging!

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Schedule meals

Put the plan in action by scheduling meals on your Meal Calendar. Plan meals daily, weekly, or monthly, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Your food budget will thank you for planning ahead!

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"My wife and I are finally doing a push to eat healthier, and I think Meal Planner App is what’ll actually make it happen. Thanks again for making such a great and easy product!"

—Justin, Meal Planner App customer

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Your meals and recipes, your way.

Meal Planner App helps you store your meals and recipes from anywhere, whether they came from the Internet or grandma’s cook book. It also gives you the flexibility to meal plan your way, whether you prefer your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Our online meal planner goes with you while you shop for groceries, cook in the kitchen, or plan meals from the couch.

Your companion for...

Meal planning

Our online meal planner helps you save meals and recipes from anywhere on the Internet, then schedule them on the calendar.

Grocery shopping

Your weekly meal plan generates a grocery checklist based on the ingredients found in the meals you've planned.


View meals and recipes in our elegant formatting. No more scrolling through ads and blog articles just to see a recipe.

Meal planning used to take me 3 hours every week. Now it takes less than 30 minutes!"

—Amber, Meal Planner App customer

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Who we are

Meal Planner App is a small, family-run business. We understand the struggles of trying to keep a household running smoothly, and we know how crucial meal planning is to that process. Since meal planning can impact everything from your budget to your health needs, we do our best to alleviate the stress and hassle meal planning can bring. Our goal is to make meal planning easier and less time-consuming, so that you can spend more time on what matters to you.

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