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How to print a meal plan with Meal Planner App

Published April 11, 2022

Meal Planner App now offers a printable weekly meal plan to help you stay on track through the week!

TLDR; To print your weekly meal plan, click "this week" under the "planner" dropdown in the navigation bar, then click the "print" button. You'll be linked to a printable PDF containing your weekly meal plan!

If you've ever wondered how popular printable meal planners are, just do a search for "printable meal planner" on Etsy.

Over 25,000 results!

Yeah, we were surprised too! But it actually makes a lot of sense. Meal planning is clearly a pain point for a lot of people, and we're all looking for something to make it a little easier for us. That's exactly why we started Meal Planner App in the first place!

Since starting our online meal planner, the feature most requested has been the ability to print a weekly meal plan, and today, we're proud to announce that weekly meal plans are now printable!

You asked, we listened!

Now we know how Oprah feels... Feels good... Feels real good...

So anyway, here's how to access your printable weekly meal plan.

Don't forget to plan your meals

Meal Planner App makes it very easy to add recipes, keep meals organized, and plan meals on the calendar. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure you do. We're offering a free 30-day trial!

View your weekly meal plan

With the rollout of the new printable weekly meal plan, we've also made it simpler to navigate to the weekly meal plan. In the navigation bar, click the "planner" dropdown, then click "this week". Once you're on the weekly meal planner, you'll find a new button that says "print". Click the "print" button, and you'll be directed to a PDF download that contains a lovely printable weekly meal planner, complete with all the meals you've planned for each day — not to mention a handy section for notes and shopping lists.

We hope you enjoy this new feature in Meal Planner App!

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